Karen E. Dodd
Faith, family, feel-good stories with
a hint of salt air.

Since then I have published many articles and
stories in various magazine and have now written
eight books and helped many others publish their
own book.

In addition to writing I am available to speak at club
meetings as well as give readings. If you are
planning an event and want to know my topics or
speaking arrangements --  send me an email,  
kedodd2@yahoo.com .

While publishing my books I  stumbled on another
career -- helping people publish their own books.
For more information email me. I'm attaching the
present contract I use with my clients.

Shepherding Contract
If you have a memoir, journal of poems, family
stories or novel you'd like to publish and market on
your own
, then I can help you through my
"shepherding" business.

Contact your local book store to order my latest
historical mystery.


Little did I know when I sent in that    first
query to a boating magazine in 1996, I had
embarked on a rocking boat of unknown

My first article was accepted and printed
within months. In years prior,  I wrote
columns in local papers, but
was never
. Silly me, I thought that this was the
easy wayto earn money in my retirement.
All my books and stories leave you feeling good
with a smile in your heart.