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Carolina Comfort

ISBN # 0-9707197-4-4
Three generations of one family journaled through memoirs and experiences.  
One portion of the book follows the correspondence of a young woman and her friends, linking over two hundred postcards sent in the early 1900's. Highlights of the fifties gleaned from family activities remind the reader of what used to be.  Another section of the book describes a non-traditional choice of living aboard a boat to travel the East Coast waterways. Readers align themselves with strong family values found in this Southern family testament.

$12.95 + $3 S&H = $15.95
Down East on Nelson Island

 ISBN # 0-9707197-3-6
A young girl visits her grandfather for the summer on the North Carolina Outer
Banks.  He's a crusty old fisherman set in his ways.  Coral Austin, Rachel's high society grandmother, wants more to say about the visit. A pair of twins, a recluse, a hurricane, a village baker, and a dead crabber link their adventures. The Island and the people will never be the same.  This
book is a great weekend read.   


Down East is required reading for English as a 2nd language and used in GED classes in Craven County. It is required reading for 4th graders east of Beaufort.

$12.95 + $3 S&H = $15.95
Carolina Comfort II

ISBN # 0-9707197-2-8
A sequel to the first collection, this book deals with life passages: becoming a grandparent, losing friends and family, dealing with illness, retirement, pain and joy. Dodd jokingly refers to this as her "over-the-hill" book.  Using both experience and delicacy, she describes emotions and  middle age survival. The short stories and memoirs explore the trials and exhilaration associated with life's turning point  The book compiles several of Dodd's award winning stories and poems.

$12.95 + $3 S&H = $15.95
Begin Again, Quinn

 ISBN # 978-0-9707197-5-1
Quinn Winslow would like nothing better to do than  retire to her birthplace, renew old friendships, garden, volunteer at her church and the domestic abuse center and catch up on her baking of family recipes, but that's not easy. Three men - her ex-husband, a childhood sweetheart and a new neighbor are vying for her attention, as well as her new friends in an investment club. Quinn discovers several senior citizens in her area have had fatal accidents and she's determined to find a serial killer before she becomes his next victim!

"A bit of romance, a bit of mystery and a great read that leaves you smiling."

J. Benrey

$13.95 + $3 S&H = $16.95
Shifting Sands
$13.95 + $3 S&H = $16.95

ISBN 978-0-9707197-6-8
Ann Basnight awakes in a strange bed and can't remember anything about her past. Eric Armstrong remembers her as a girl, but denies his feelings for her. During Ann's nightmares she screams about killing someone. He knows the authorities are looking for her because when she left her home, so did a million dollars.


"It really is your best book. I enjoyed the unravelling of Lise's dilemma and the sex was beautifully restrained. Your natural understanding of boats and sandy beaches paints accurate pictures that underlie the plot."
ML Miller

Spirit of Union Point Park

ISBN 978-0-970-7-5
Fiona Wade helps Buford Waters identify the ghosts who live in her new home. While unravelling a chain of events that happened during the Civil War, Fiona's boss is murdered. Fiona unknowingly assists the killer on his quest. Enjoy walking the streets of New Bern, NC and help Fiona solve the mystery. The book Includes pictures of popular New Bern sites.

$13.95 + $3 S&H = $16.95
Dead Beat at the Palace

Fiona Wade discovers the body of a local politician stuck on the wall of a New Bern, NC historic home. Is the motive for murder dirty politics, greed, or something else? She is determined to find the murderer while defending the former first lady, balancing her roles of mother, grandmother and 
spouse to a nautically inclined husband -
all while trying to prepare her holiday's meal!

"A great weekend read which doubles as a New Bern Guide book." Ken Grubel

$13.95 + $3 S&H = $16.95
Bear with Me, Dear

Fiona is at it again. As if she hasn't enough to do, she is asked to help with a friend's wedding, host her daughter for a month, celebrate her own birthday and help with the local Ghost Walk and home tour! Not only that, but her whole family is coming for the first annual New Bern Bear Walk. Is fried chicken and brownies on the menu? She didn't figure on finding another body...

$13.95 + $3 S&H = $16.95

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