Quilts that Whisper and Jackets that Talk

I design and create quilts, jackets, table runners, placemats and other decorating items for my customers. I have some ready made to choose from; look at my Etsy shop by clicking here or click the Esty Shop tab.  

Jackets, Tops and Made to Order Clothes


Sweatshirts are recycled to make fleece lined patchwork jackets that comfort during a chilly evening, accessorize a glam pant set bringing a smile to those who wear them and admire them. Some of the lighter lined jackets are made of 3-layered fabrics have an Oriental flair, others hint of a story all their own. Comfy fits, exotic colors, original designs.

Quilts that Whisper


Each quilts has a story - read it and listen; or ask me about how and why it came with those words. They encourage, challenge, give humor, joy and often peace. If you have a special wedding, anniversary, birthday for someone in mind I will work with you to design and create not only a piece of art but a family heirloom.

Jackets that Talk.

       They speak your inner most themes.



You have to see them to believe them. I take a rectangle measured to the widest area of hip or chest and another measurement from your neck to where you want "coverage"! That makes a rectangle. By slicing and dicing the layered fabrics of lining, inner lining and outside multipieced fabric it all comes out a largeT with a front, sleeves and back. Try one on for the comfy Asian fit.



I make them in 100% rayon or cotton Oriental fabrics and batiks that blend and delight. All are machine washable - gentle cycle please and add vinegar to your wash water to keep the colors bright. Each has "buffet" sleeves - meaning you can reach across the buffet table without your sleeve drooping in the pickled beets or cream sauce! One size fits most, but if you have a special size or color in mind, just ask. I also make them in lovely brocades - not machine washable, but delightful to see for evening wear or that holiday cruise you are planning.


"I own a few pieces created by the vibrant Karen, aka: “the quilting mandarin”.  Her designs suit me well as she styles for my personality and life. From the whimsical (old sweat shirts she repurposed), to the elegant evening (Asian influenced) jacket, she achieves a practical, affordable, unique look for me, which never fails to bring a compliment. Thanks, Karen, for the thoughtful garments, and your friendship..." Margaret Rose

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