If you have a memoir, journal of poems, family stories or novel you'd like to publish 
and market on your own, then I can help you through my "shepherding" business.




BETWEEN Karen Dodd, shepherd, and ________________________, writer, date___________ for book name____________________________, approximately __________pages.


Writer agrees to provide all text in Microsoft Word and pictures, preferably in jpg format. (The charge for preparing damaged picture from snapshots and making a jpg file is an additional $1 per picture.)


The fee for shepherding is $500. Karen Dodd will format text and pictures, as well as, design a book cover. Three months is the allowed time to have your book ready for print. The fee is for positioning pictures into text, enhancing each page, converting text into format for print, header and footers, as well as title pages, table of contents, acknowledgements, addendum and cover. She is NOT an editor, but if a gross error is seen she will notify the writer. Dodd will also provide you a file for use with the cover for a postcard or poster at no additional cost, upon request. (Total page numbers for a printed document must be in multiples of two.) The writer may provide cover art. Karen Dodd will design the spine, front and back covers into tif files for publishing and add the isbn and price on the back cover.


Usually the process takes three “meetings”: 1) First half of fee paid. Intro of material and writer needs. The first draft is sent by email or dropped off to author. 2) Changes are made second run. It will be sent by email or hard copy. 3) Last meeting finalizes cover changes and text files. All files and photos returned to author. Final payment expected.


If after publishing or reviewing the proof, writer wishes additional changes made to the book, there will be a $20 fee each time the PDF file is converted. (There is no charge if Dodd made the mistake.)


Writer is responsible for ISBNs, Library of Congress, etc.


DODD will purge any computer files, photos, phone numbers, addresses on file when the book formatting is complete.

___________________________              ________________________________


*Dodd recommends Lightning Source, as your printer/publisher. She receives no remuneration for that referral. Her experience with that company has been above average. Their POD (print on demand) services are excellent. Lightning Source is a division of Ingram.

Marketing is your own responsibility. Another resource recommended by Dodd is for information about printing

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